Travel & Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality organizations understand the necessity of continuously bringing innovation and escalating the experiences they offer their consumers. In the current landscape, it is imperative we predict customer behavior, purchase patterns and previous records by leveraging cloud technologies such as IoT & Data Analytics,  machine learning to better serve consumers. InNeed aims to do just that, by working with travel & hospitality organizations to create seamless, enjoyable, personalized traveler experiences in an environment of growing customer requirements and needs. 

Making Travel Easier

Building an intelligent recommendation system

Existing recommendation, reservation and booking systems bring up the complexity of GDS providers onto their platform. We bypass those complexities to present the users' such system that caters to their core requirements. We use data analytics and machine learning to provide customers exactly what they are looking for. 

Empowering travelers

InNeed provides solutions that empower users to make only a few but fundamental, core choices that attain to their needs, and the system would autonomously take care of the rest of the decision-making efficiently to provide a robust and fulfilling experience for the user. Our focus on User experience and user interfaces allow us to create such systems.

Providing an end to end experience

Our vision is to take the users through their travel journey from the start to the end. That includes purchasing event tickets, to transportation purchases and till the booking of hotels. Cloud gives us that power to create an aggregated system that can hold any load and scale to the demand of the season or occasion

Travel & Hospitality


Rave Travel Technology (RTT) is an aggregated web application that allows you to buy event tickets, air tickets, and book hotels. This application used the Amadeus GDS system for developed Air and Hotel Booking and Ticket Evolution for events ticketing. This Application develops using Amazon web services as platform and Node js and Python as the programming language.