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Cloud Migration Support

Whether you want to migrate your stack to AWS, Google cloud or Auzre, or you want to take a hybrid approach, you'll find us right beside you taking the heavy lifting for you so that you can sleep better at night.

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Years of experience in ML backed Intelligent system designing and implementation has given us confidence to offer this expertise as our top class service.

Text Mining & Analytics

Driven by our big data expertise and powered by our custom NLP and topic modeling solutions, your business data can expose real intelligence for better customer engagements.

Data Integration and Big Data

As the promise of Big Data technologies are opening new doors for us, our team is fully equipped to help you on your big data work loads

Video Intelligence

Mining in-video information, detecting human activity and tracking objects of interest from video streams is one of our top expertise.


Autonomy and Perception Engineering with ROS and AWS robomaker for robotics development, simulation, and deployment is our latest service.

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