Building the future in Cloud

About Us

We are a cross functional team spread across the world having our center in the USA, bringing all kinds of expertise and diversity to offer a broad range of services and solutions for our valued customers.

Our Values

Customer Obsession

As a team, we are truly obsessed over our customers' success and experience. We communicate to our customers with transparency and integrity, identify their problems and then work backwards to provide bespoke solutions driven by data.  

Earn Trust

We believe trust is the foundation of all our values and relationships. Trust is earned, yet we first have to give trust before receiving it. We listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others respectfully. We become vocally self-critical, even when doing so is awkward or embarrassing.

We assume noble intent in all situations – so even if we disagree with someone’s approach, we believe they’re coming from a good place.

Team Work

It is more important for us to win as a team than scoring individually. We believe small two pizza size teams are better for collaboration, communications and agile development. We plan, work and share responsibilities within the team to achieve common goals. We embrace diversity among us and foster a growth mindset in our team.

Deliver Result 

As a team, we are continually raising the bar and relentlessly delivering high quality products, services, and processes for our customers in a timely fashion. 

Inside InNeed

Tafsir Ahmed

Hi! this is Tafsir Ahmed, a Business Analyst

& Technical Project Manager at InNeed Intelligent Cloud. Through working with InNeed, I have been able not just to learn, but pursue my passion for business analysis in varieties of domains. InNeed challenged me to help me grow not just in business analysis but also in managing products that set a benchmark for client satisfaction. I was extremely lucky to work with bright and helpful coworkers that only aided to my growth. Thus, I believe InNeed is one of the best workplaces for anyone who wants to push themselves beyond what they think they could be, and learn many exciting technologies along the way.

Tamjid Ahsan

Hello, I am Tamjid Ahsan, a Cloud Data Engineer of InNeed Intelligent Cloud. Working at InNeed Intelligent Cloud allows me to concoct and invent on behalf of the client, which is one of my beloved aspects of the job. In our role, we are continuously looking for ways to improve the client's experience for today and in the future by probing their business needs from several points of view and coming up with the optimal solution.

I love advocating for customers with a solution that will address the issue they are currently experiencing in their workflow, which in turn allows them to devote their valuable time to growing their organization. Being able to work with a diverse clientele from several industries is an additional advantage.

Tasneemah Yasmin

Hi this is Tasneemah Yasmin, UI/UX & Frontend Engineer here, at InNeed Intelligent cloud. Working at InNeed gives me the pathways to grow as UI/UX & frontend Engineer. Working closely with international clients gives me the opportunity to build my passion and understanding the best approaches to solve UX problems. InNeed is a place for those who can challenge themselves to grow and learn. 

Tanvir Ahmed

This is Tanvir Ahmed, and I am the DevOps Engineer of InNeed Intelligent Cloud. Working with InNeed is always challenging, exciting & rewarding to me. As a DevOps Engineer,I mainly focus on building functional systems that improve customer experience by executing and automating operational processes fast, accurately, and securely. I am very passionate about learning & working on cloud native technologies, And InNeed provided me this opportunity.I believe, InNeed is the best place to learn, grow & contribute.

Shadman Chowdhury

Hi, this is Shadman Islam Chowdhury, and I am the Data Analyst at InNeed Intelligent Cloud. My desire for data analysis and client interaction is something that I get to practice a lot here at InNeed. Working with researchers from universities, high performing clients has helped me grow myself beyond my initial expertise. I believe InNeed is an amazing place for those who want to challenge themselves and grow in such a way that, it would help them to put their marks in the industry in the future.

Hachib Khan

Hello, I am Hachib Khan, I started my career as a Django Developer in InNeed Intelligent Cloud. I love to learn new technologies and take on new challenges. InNeed Intelligent Cloud is perfect for learning new technologies. By Joining InNeed has added a new dimension to my interests in Django. I believe InNeed Intelligent Cloud is one of the best workplaces for everyone. InNeed Intelligent Cloud always inspires their employee to learn the latest tech

Mehedi Hasan

Hi, I’m Mehedi Hasan. I am working as a Software Engineer at InNeed Intelligent Cloud. As a Software Engineer, I always like to play with real-life problems and new technologies. At InNeed Intelligent Cloud, I have the opportunity to work with the latest software engineering technology. Moreover, At InNeed, I have found some ambitious colleagues and very supportive management. I am delighted to work in this company

Arif Bipu

Hi, this is Arif Bipu. I have been working as a Software Engineer in InNeed intelligent cloud. InNeed has provided me the perfect opportunity and guideline to thrive in the work I love most, making things visible. Here we have a very closely connected and cooperative team that boosted my curiosity to learn more every day, increasing my confidence and attraction to learn new technology. I am not certain about where I will belong in future, but I strongly believe the experience I am having in InNeed will pave the way to greater success and will be always cherishable.

Arif Bipu

Hi! This is Madhurjo Das Aishy, TestOps Engineer at InNeed Intelligent Cloud. Working with InNeed has added a new dimension to my interests in Quality Assurannce. I have been introduced to various new and awesome technologies and currently practicing those! The wok environment dedicated to learning and sharing knowledge has inspired me to become more enthusiastic and passionate about my role! Everyday having new opportunities to explore trendy technologies and have open discussions about various ideas lift our creativity to another level, which I love the most about the company!

Perks & Benefits

Training, Development & Certification

With InNeed you are never done learning. We offer specific domain-based learning, growth to improve soft skills. We are committed to your career growth along with ours and you can earn certificates from AWS, Microsoft Azure, and many more along the way. 

Project Bonus & Festival Bonuses

InNeed believes your hard work deserves the appropriate rewards. Thus we give bonuses upon project completion. You can also expect a reward from us during festivals as well 

Yearly Performance Appraisal

Through yearly performance appraisal, we give our employees proper feedbacks that would aid in their career growth. 

Company Stock Options

When InNeed grows, so does the value and importance of the work you put into our company. We want you to be part of this journey forever by giving the company stock options. The longer you stay, the more we and you grow together through our collaborative work. 

Remote & Flexible Work Hours

InNeed wants you to give your best effort your best work. We believe in personal schedule and flexibility can do wonders! So we are open to your schedule that works for you and your life.

Global Hackathons

Every now and then, we assemble cross-functional teams from the company and compete on global hackathons. It's genuinely a ton of fun, but also a place where you can interact with brilliant minds around the world, and grow your skill set. 

Lunch, Snacks & Drinks

Never work on an empty stomach! InNeed provides lunch, snacks and drinks to keep you energized throughout the day!

Join Our Team

We're looking for customer obsessed, highly motivated, fast-learning, data loving cloud builders to join our team!