Who we are!

InNeed is a cloud-native advanced IT consulting and service provider. We leverage the innovative capabilities of the cloud to help customers build new revenue streams, save infrastructure cost, increase efficiency, and deliver advanced technology solutions

We Build Partnerships

Digital transformation requires so much more than new technology. It requires fundamental changes to culture, communications, and how work gets done. We leverage the innovative capabilities of the cloud to enhance your technical research, development, and business goals and make it exemplary within the industry!

Forged by different industry experience

Explore the capabilities, where your work meets the cloud, your customers, and your need to be cost-effective.

Work with us to gain insight into how modern solutions deliver cost-sensitive, reliable, maintainable solutions that will grow with your needs for years to come.

We have worked with innovative clients, universities, and industries ranging from technology to health care, education, travel, research, and more.

... And Navigate with Data

Our team of full-stack software engineers, data engineers, business analysts accelerate innovations. We use a diverse set of product building, research and development experiences to build and deploy your custom and re-invigorated applications, that enable you to find new meanings in your relationship with your data.


Making National Science Foundation awarded data searchable through a central repository

InNeed partnered with the University of North Carolina chapel hill's researchers for an endeavor in EduTech, BLUMER (Baseline Library of Undergraduate Metrics for Education Research). InNeed built a cloud-native application that can store, search and analyze years of NSF research award data. It enabled undergraduate students to connect with US universities for research opportunities. This application is serverless, cost-effective, secure, scalable, fault-tolerant and can be accessed by millions of users.


We believe in continuous inventions, whether that be new technologies or new solutions to existing problems, our goal is to invent always.


From product to architecture, we can help bring your data, your problems, and your potential into understandable documentation, actionable plans, and build sustainable solutions.


Deploy custom, continuously improving models in the cloud. Predict, train, and become more accurate over time. Extending the thoughtful design based system that we create to make it scalable and sustainable in the long run.