InNeed Intelligent Cloud emphasizes on empowering researchers to have their vision realized. We use our expertise in software design, modular development, data to create a complex infrastructure that translates the research ideas into reality.  

Making Research come to life

Building State of the art research based system

Research papers, journal papers talk about the future, the ideas that are going to shape the coming age. With our team of curious builders and employees who are willing to go deep into the subject matter, we can translate the paper requirements to functional modules that can be translated into an application. 

Enablement using cloud

We Use the cloud to enable the researchers and us to build complex infrastructure to support their ideas. The flexibility and scalability of the cloud enables all stakeholders to experiment and build systems that resembles their vision the most


The MDL and PATTIE Project

MDL or Minimal Dictionary Language and PATTIE or Publication Access Through Tiered Interaction and Exploration, were research projects by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In MDL, we use their research ideas to create a new parsing language system, that later was a foundation for other projects inside UNC. We engaged with their researchers to help them to process millions of documents from PubMed by building a cloud-based, serverless data collection, ingestion, storage and indexing system which was later analyzed by PATTIE Machine Learning model