We build solutions for education to make it personalized that would give each students empowerment to own what they are learning and make knowledge more accessible for everyone!

Making Education Accesible

Building Assessment tool

Student assessment is still a very manual thing. Combining sentiment, past records, individual factor analysis through the help of Machine learning could prove to be a vital tool in the education field. 

Using the power of cloud

Through the flexibility, scalability of the cloud, it enables us to do more with the data we get inside the education field.


Personalized feedbacks are imperative in education for someone to grow properly. Through our expertise in data and machine learning, it is made possible to assess the student's in a very microscopic level. 

Post-Covid Learning management

After covid, we have seen how important a centralized learning management system really is. A lot of educational institutions are unable to really adapt this system in a holistic manner due to lack of proper expertise in building the system, catering to their own need, Something InNeed seeks to provide



InNeed partnered with the University of North Carolina chapel hill's researchers for an endeavor in EduTech, BLUMER (Baseline Library of Undergraduate Metrics for Education Research). InNeed built a cloud-native application that can store, search and analyze years of NSF research award data. It enabled undergraduate students to connect with US universities for research opportunities. This application is serverless, cost-effective, secure, scalable, fault-tolerant and can be accessed by millions of users.